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Vice President of Philanthropy, Baystate Health Executive Director, Baystate Health Foundation

Company: Baystate Health
Date Posted: August 3, 2017

The position reports dually to the President of the Foundation who is also the President/CEO of Baystate Health and to the Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications and External Relations for Baystate Health.


The VP must drive the System’s philanthropy efforts.  He/she must accomplish this successfully by building the relationships – with volunteers, clinical leaders and senior management - which will lead to philanthropic support including the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of individuals who have the potential to support Baystate Health through major gifts and planned giving.


The VP is an institutional leader.  He or she will be expected to lead the strategic objective of further instilling a culture of philanthropy within Baystate by educating Baystate executives, physicians, and volunteer leadership throughout the system on the importance and the art of philanthropy.  In addition, the VP will frequently represent the System and/or any of its component parts publicly.

What You Will Do:

  1. Establish effective working relationships with the Foundation’s trustees, volunteers, medical staff, and administrative leadership.  Organize, coordinate, and motivate their philanthropy activities.  Facilitate relationship building and engagement of BH leadership and trustees with BHF philanthropy officers to leverage relationships with donors and prospective donors.
  2. Lead identification, strategy, and solicitation for individuals, corporations, and foundations in support of BH strategic and BHF financial goals.
  3. Direct a collaborative process of strategic planning to result in the development of strategic goals and operational plans for philanthropic development. Lead the development of cases for support that are compelling, motivating, and aligned with key priorities and needs of the health system.
  4. Develop and lead effective Foundation programs to identify and cultivate individual, corporate, and Foundation relationships to include solicitation, stewardship, recognition, and communications.   
  5. Ensure the continued execution of a program of special events and grateful patient program to expand the donor base and promote Baystate’s health care programs and services. 
  6. Assure staff support to the BHF Board and its chairperson and related committees.
  7. Lead the professional development of the Foundation staff including hiring, ongoing training/education, establishing clear expectations & related accountabilities, performance evaluation, and retention.
  8. Develop and manage the operating budget to accomplish agreed upon Foundation goals.
  9. Assure internal and external promotional efforts necessary to support the Foundation’s initiatives and activities.
  10. Be an active and visible participant in the life of the institution and the community.


What You Will Need:

Required Education:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree with an advanced degree in a related field preferred.

Required Experience:

  • Have at least seven to ten years of relevant professional development experience, including at least five years of progressively responsible leadership/management experience.  Healthcare environment will be a decided advantage.


Baystate Health and its component parts, including the Foundation, are organizations that live its values.  These values or operating principles are trust, communication, integrity, collaboration, and respect.  Because these operating principles are pervasive within its culture, there is an ethos of caring and respect and a collaborative spirit that is evident throughout the organization.  At the same time, the system leadership appreciates and expects respectful but forceful debate and advocacy on issues; political savvy is a must.  The VP must be a leader who comports him/herself in accordance with this set of operating principles and this ethos.

The VP will be an experienced, accomplished development professional with significant background within institutions undergoing philanthropic cultural change (experience in healthcare philanthropy is strongly preferred).  He/She will have the personal integrity, confidence, fortitude and tolerance for ambiguity necessary to lead change in a highly complex, professionally managed healthcare environment.  Above all, the VP must be an exceptional builder of relationships.  The establishment of honest, trusting, and productive relationships with all stakeholders – donors, prospects, volunteers, institutional leaders, physicians, and Foundation staff – is critical to the Vice President's success.

The VP will possess superior communications skills, especially the ability and the willingness to listen.  He/She must be not only an active and open communicator, but also one who strives for excellence in communications.  While volunteer and system executive leadership will play a key role in representing the Foundation to the public, the VP will be called upon routinely to give presentations, to meet with stakeholders internally and externally, and to speak to any and all constituencies on behalf of the Foundation and its efforts.

Have demonstrated success and superior skills as a major gift fund raiser:

  • Have a work history that demonstrates his/her leadership skills;
    • Be an energetic self-starter who can create a strategic plan with stakeholder input and buy-in, and implement the most critical initiatives; have experience in the execution of successful capital campaigns;
    • Possess strong experience in working effectively with volunteer leadership;
    • Have a working knowledge of planned giving;
    • Experience with implementation of a successful grateful patient’s program is highly preferred;
    • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit characterized by initiative, independence, a sense of ownership and a willingness to be held accountable for his/her actions and behaviors;
    • Understand and have built strong and trusting relationships with stakeholders internal and external;
    • Understand the necessity of advocating strongly for the Foundation and its programs within a collegial environment;
    • Be team oriented and add the dimension of fun to the obligation of achievement;
    • Possess the personal qualities and flexibility necessary to thrive in a matrix leadership environment.


To apply, or to learn more, please email